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Split shot weights are a round weight that have been “Split” down the middle and opened so that the line can be placed in between the halves and then the weight can be squeezed together thus compressing itself on the line and staying in place. There are two style of split shot available… regular round and removable… the removable split shot has two wing style tabs on the back of the weight that allows anglers to reopen the weight and either reposition it or put it away to be used at another time. The one draw back to the removable weight’s wings is that they often times cause line twist, especially in current situations. The vast majority of split shot sales goes to river fishermen who buy several sizes in order to properly weight their floats.

Weight of split shots are as follows:

3SSG – 4.8 G

2SSG – 3.2 g

4LG – 3.0 g
LSG – 2.0 g
SSG – 1.6 g
AAA – 0.8 g
AB – 0.6 g
BB – 0.4 g
No 1 – 0.3 g
No 3 – 0.25 g
No 4 – 0.2 g
No 5 – 0.15 g
No 6 – 0.1 g
No 8 – 0.06 g
No 9 – 0.05 g
No 10 – 0.04 g
No 11 – 0.03 g
No 12 – 0.02 g
No 13 – 0.01 g

Having an assortment of SSG, AAA, BB, No 3 and No 6 will give river anglers plenty of combinations to properly weight their floats for the given water flow.